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?Wireless Charging Base Long Battery Life – The cordless water flosser is equipped with a wireless charging base. Easily place it on the base to charge it and reduces the rate of product failure caused by water leakage from the plug inlet. The portable water floss charger can last 2 weeks per charge. 5 replacement Jet tips and best Choice for Home, Office, and Travel.

?Latest Pulse Technique Rotating Nozzle Design – Latest Water Flosser Pulse Technique, 50-90psi Pressure Range, 1800 Times/Min Pulse Rate, 360?rotating Long Nozzle,the cordless water floss can effectively deep clean 99.99% of the food residue in every corner, which is impossible to achieve with traditional brushing. Designed for periodontitis and braces.

?Three Mode 2-Minute Timer – Normal, Gentle and Pulse modes to meet various oral care needs,choose the comfort mode that best suits your needs,recommended to use soft mode for the first time.Memory Function that helps to maintain the working mode that was used before. 2 minute automatic timer to avoid the water flossing device still working after cleaning is completed.

?Detachable Cleanable Water Tank – 220ML water tank for adequate and uninterrupted dental floss, no need to replenish water again and again. The upgraded detachable full-water tank allows you to thoroughly clean scales and plaque. The exclusive patented internal leak-proof drain design provides you with a safe, comfortable experience and extended product long lifespan.

?Double IPX7 Waterproof Protection – Both internal and external IPX7 waterproof design provides double protection. Intelligent design prevents leaks and allows the floss to be safely used in bathroom showers. Great for travel and great gifts for your friends and family. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact us. We will answer your message within 24 hours.



Power Source

Battery Powered



Tank Volume

220 Milliliters

1 x Oral Irrigator

5 home and travel nozzles

1 x USB Wireless Charging Station

1 x Instruction Manual

Product Description

2 Ways to Fit Water Early and Clean Inside of the Tank

220ml water tank provides up to 60 seconds of uninterrupted dental flossing and detachable full-opening design enables you to easily clean the limescale and bacteria inside

360? Rotating Design

The 360? rotatable nozzle design allows you to easily clean the areas that are difficult to reach and prevents tooth decay, dental plaque, dental calculus and dental hypersensitivity

3 Flossing Modes

Powerful Water Jet Stream: 30-90psi with 1800 pulses per minute, High intensity pulse water column cleans away 99.99% of stain. 3 Flossing Modes Normal – Soft – Pulse meet various oral dental care.


Prevent Various Oral lssue

High Intensity Pulse Water Column Cleans Away 99.99% of Teeth Stain That Traditional Brushing and Flossing Can?t Reach. It?s Perfect for Anyone With Braces, Implants, Crowns, or Periodontal Pockets.

2 Minutes Auto-Timer

This teeth cleaner will turn off automatically after 2 minites to protect the device from destroy. Memory Function helps keep on with your preferable mode for next use even if it has been turned off.

5 Standard Jet Tips

The portable water flosser come with 5 Jet Tips, so all of the family can use it together

Additional information

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 23.4 × 20.6 × 9.6 cm


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