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Smoke from California Wildfires Travels Across US to Chicago, MOOKA True HEPA Air Purifier is Ideal for Your Family. Let Your Family Breathe Easily!
The unhealthy air quality caused by smoke makes PM 2.5 skyrocketed, which gets into your respiration system. Wildfire smoke can be especially harmful to the elderly, pregnant, children and those with chronic diseases like asthma attacks and lung diseases. Unfortunately, the smoke from California wildfires is reaching the East Coast through strong winds called jet stream. Here’s what that means for the air near you. Tens of millions of residents’ health gets threatened.

This MOOKA 4-in-1 Home Air Purifier with high CADR (203m?/h) is perfect for large rooms up to 1076ft?/100?, such as living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, baby room, etc.

Everyone who wants fresh air needs air purifiers. Especially for smokers, pet owners, baby families.


The Pre-Filter effectively traps and reduces large sized dust, fibers, pet fur, hair, etc.


The MOOKA UPGRADED H13 TRUE HEPA FILTER plays a vital role in the air purifier. HEPA FILTER is characterized by air that can pass through, but fine particles cannot, which trap airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including smoke particles, pollen and pet dander, etc.


The porous structure of activated carbon gives it unique adsorption properties, making it very easy to achieve the purpose of absorbing impurities. Just like magnetism, all molecules have a mutual gravitational force. Activated carbon dioxide can absorb many harmful gases in their free state.


Cold catalyst is a high-tech catalyst, which can not only catalyze the reaction of formaldehyde with oxygen in the air, but also catalyze the reaction of ammonia, toluene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide and many other harmful gases in TVOC with oxygen to produce water and carbon dioxide, without secondary pollution. It is suitable for healthy homes and safe for the future.






This home air purifier uses a new brushless motor that runs quieter in sleep mode than most air purifiers on the market, with a noise level as low as 23dB. So you can run it while sleeping.

Press and hold the “lock” button for 3 seconds to activate the child lock, which means all other buttons are inoperable. It can prevent error operations caused by pets or kids. You can also press and hold it for 3 seconds to unlock the child lock, and all buttons will be operable again.

MOOKA air purifier has a built-in filter replacement indicator that will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced, usually every 3-6 months, depending on the indoor air quality and frequency of use. When the three timer lights are on at the same time, it is a reminder to change the filter. You can press and hold the “TIMER” and “SPEED” for 3 seconds to reset the filter life counter.

The only genuine?replacement filter:?B08TBDKFC7.


Why choose Mooka air purifier?


Mooka brand is committed to offering high-quality household products that help customers reach a high-end and pleasant life.
Mooka offers a 1-year return and replacement. If any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support service. We will try our best to find the best solution for you.




Certified: Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.
Input Voltage: 110V.
CADR: 300 m?/h.
Applicable Area: 1076ft?.
Noise Level: 23-55 dB.
Operating Temperature: 5?F~140?F (-15?~60?).




Please do not place anything on top of this appliance.
This appliance is for indoor use only.
Please remove the plastic bag from the filter before using the air purifier.
The only genuine?replacement filter:?B08TBDKFC7.

1. HIGH CADR FOR LARGE ROOM – Thanks to a high-efficiency filtration system, MOOKA air purifier covers an area of up to 1076ft? (100m?) filtering your air to fresh, pure in just 1 hour. Modern design perfectly fits large, small rooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms, nursery, kitchen, and basements.

2. MEDICAL GRADE FILTRATION SYSTEM – 4-Stage filtration system with Pre-filter, Medical grade True HEPA, Activated carbon filter, Cold Catalyst filter, Preliminary filter traps pet fur, hair, and lint removing these contaminants from the air. The activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, pets and cooking odors. True HEPA filter captures airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as pet dander, pollen, dust.

QUIET AND SAFE – Sleep mode 23dB noise level doesn’t impact sleep cycle. Rest easily, sleep better as energy-saving air cleaning improves air quality quietly. Child lock efficiently prevents error operations caused by pets or children.

3. EASY TO OPERATE – Easy to turn on/off an air cleaner, set fan speed mode (low, medium, fast), adjust timer option (1h, 2h, 4h). Press and hold Child Lock button for 3s to lock/unlock the touchpad. 3 lights of the timer light up to kindly remind you to replace the filter. Press and hold Timer and Fan Speed buttons for 3s to reset the filter lifetime counter.

4. AFTERSALE SUPPORT – 24/7 Live Chat, 30-day No-hassle Refund. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service. The replacement filter should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the air quality in your area and the frequency of use of the air purifier.?

5. Note: please remove the plastic bag from the HEPA filter before running the air purifier.

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