Four Wheels Double Tilt Skateboard Adult Dance Board Longboard Skateboard


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Thick maple board

The drawing board is made of 7-layer maple board, and the surface of the non-composite board has high strength impact toughness and good elasticity.

High-grade anti-slip cloth

The surface of this skateboard?uses OS780 anti-slip cloth. The densely granular anti-slip cloth allows you to increase the friction of your feet when sliding, and do various movements more freely. The adhesive surface of the anti-slip cloth and the board is made of epoxy resin, which is extremely strong and has an excellent waterproof effect.

Silent bearing

This skateboard uses alloy chrome steel ABEC-9 high-speed silent bearing. The bearing rotates flexibly and has high sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy every moment of speed.

High-strength alloy bracket

This skateboard uses a 5-inch magnesium-aluminum alloy coated bracket, and the high-strength alloy bracket can withstand a static load of 1300 kg.

High-elastic non-slip wheels

This skateboard uses non-slip and wear-resistant 5232-95A high-elastic non-slip wheels. The wheels have strong grip and flexible steering.


Item type:?Dance skateboard

Material: Aluminium alloy+maple

Color:?Dark red


Carrying capacity: 1300 kg

Item size: 79*20*10cm/31.05*7.86*3.93inch(L*W*H)

Weight: 3000g/105.82oz


1*Dance skateboard

1*Tool set

1*Skateboard palm guard (one pair)

2*Original ABEC-9 bearing

1*Skateboard backpack

1*Package box

Additional information

Weight 2800 g
Dimensions 80 × 21 × 13.5 cm


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