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The 20-inch folding bicycle applicable to children and adults, a person who buys a bicycle for the use of the whole family. The soft foam seats in the bumpers allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride. 3000, buy a folding bike for the life of own health.


Front disc brake for safety brake

SHIMANO 7-speed adjustable derailleur and freewheel

LED wheel reflectors and battery light for increased nighttime visibility

20 “wheel diameter ideal for ages 7 and up

Rain gear front and rear for riding in wet and damp areas that can be kept clean

Integrated foam seats in black leather for a comfortable ride

Height-adjustable handlebars and seats for individual height adjustment

Rear seat bag adjustment for loaded personal items and in water bottle

Bicycle bell to remind you of passing vehicles and pedestrians

Professional knurled tires to prevent punctures and wear

Handlebar and pedal surface hits the bump for anti-slip

Foldable frame is advantageous to take public transport or subway, also can save storage space


Black color

Wheel: 20 inch

Speed: 7

Maximum speed: 40 km / h

Material: high quality carbon steel

Max load weight: 68kgs

Seat Material: Foam Leather

The range of adjustable height of bicycle saddle: 0-230mm

Brake: front and rear

Chain length: 118 knots

48T chain

7-piece 14-28T flywheel

The distance between the handlebars: 540mm

The distance between the handlebars and the seat: 620mm


1x 20 inch folding bike

The bike is 10% disassembled, you need to install it by yourself.

Additional information

Weight 18400 g
Dimensions 85 × 65 × 30 cm


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