Knife Set,15 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set Non Stick Coating Knife set with Block, Professional Knives Set for Kitchen


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Rigid and stable, slice or chop herbs, large blade makesquick work of large and small kitchen


slices won’t stick to its dimpled blade, making cutting more rapid.slice, chop or dice vegetables, cheese meat and more.


Serrated and curved to make cutting easier. slice through all sortsof bread or even tough watermelon and pineapple rinds.


lt is perfect for heavy duty work such as slicing vegetables, fruits,sandwich’s and cheeses as well as filleting fish and portioning meat.


Asteak knife is a sharp table knife, used for cutting steak. Theseoften feature serrated blades and abs/hollow/wooden handles.


Short and pointed for delicate, precision cutting, peeling, dicing

? 15 PIECES PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN KNIFE SET: Includes 8?Chef Knife, 8?Slicing Knife, 7?Santoku Knife, 8?Bread Knife, 5?Utility Knife, 3.5?Paring Knife,Kitchen Scissors, Knife Sharpener to stay sharp and 6 pieces of 4.5?Steak Knives
? PREMIUN QUALITY BLOCK KNIFE SET: Superior high carbon stainless steel(X50CrMoV15) blade are applied with Black BO Oxide technology .The block knife set is practical, sharp and precise for cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing of all kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread. It is suitable for both home and restaurant kitchens.
? BO OXIDATION COATING TECHNOLOGY: 15 Pieces knife set with block comes with chemical-free black high-temperature carbonized non-stick coating, resistant to fading, discoloration, rust, heat and impact. The oxidation coating makes the surface of the knife non-sticky and easy to clean.
? FATIGUE-FREE HYGIENIC NON-SLIP HANDLE: This self sharpening knife block set is designed with an ergonomic, super-comfortable, non-slip, rubberised handle, which makes for pleasurable and fatigue-free usage while enjoying your food.
? EASY TO CLEAN PREMIUM BOX: The black knife set is easy to clean. Just a perfect 15-piece cooking knives set. Ideal Gift (Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day), for Home Cooks, Professional Chefs, Culinary Students and more.

? 8″ Chef Knife
? 8″ Santoku knife
? 8″ Slicing knife
? 8″ Bread Knife
? 5″ Utility knife
? 3.5″ Paring Knife
? 4.5″ Steak Knives set of 6
? Knife sharpener
? Knife scissors
? Universal Knife Block
Chef Knife ?1PCS?

Slicing Knife ?1PCS?

Santoku Knife ?1PCS?

Bread Knife ?1PCS?

Utility Knife ?1PCS?

Paring Knife ?1PCS?

Kitchen Scissors ?1PCS?

Knife Sharpener ?1PCS?

Steak Knives ?6PCS?

Universal Knife Block?1PCS?

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