2 in 1 Disinfecting Sanitizing Floor Entrance Mat


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This is a quality-performing shoe sanitizer mat generates the good results in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Keep your house clean and family safe.

?EASY TO CLEAN?- The products are made of high-quality PVA, PP and high-absorption microfiber materials, which are durable. After prolonged use, just rinse it with water, and it can be reused. It is very suitable for daily disinfection and cleaning, and can be wet washed and dry wiped.?

?SAFETY AND ANTI-SLIP?- Double anti-skid design, can firmly fix the floor without sliding, can improve the overall stability index and provide more protection for the elderly and children?

?BE A DISINFECTANT MAT?- Add diluted disinfectant water to the cleaning pad, which can be gradually disinfected and cleaned, wet clean first, then absorb moisture. Can be used for daily cleaning and use, even after pets are out .?

?EASY TO USE?- When cleaning, the soles of the feet step on a wet cleaning pad, repeated rubbing can make the soles clean, and finally step on the microfiber cloth to complete the cleaning and absorb excess moisture?

?EASY TO INSTALL?- The product is easy to install. Water or disinfectants can be added to reduce bacterial infections. The door is convenient and hygienic, giving you more comfort.?

1. Material: PVA, PP and high-absorption microfiber materials

2. Color: Grey

3. Dimensions: (31.49 x 17.71 x 0.39)” / (80 x 45 x 1)cm

4. Net Weight: 2.29lbs / 1.04kg

Entrance Mat x 1

Additional information

Weight 1040 g
Dimensions 80 × 45 × 1 cm


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