GIVENUSMYF Functional sofa chair with 8-point massage + heating


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Looking for a comfortable and durable sofa chair? Please take a look, our sofa chair can be placed slightly better in any environment, you can put it in the living room, bedroom, home theater, or even office, just sit down, adjust the massage heating remote control and manually recline the function adjustment, you can enjoy the fairy-like comfort! Next, let me take you into the world of our products!

product features:
1. Manual recliner adjustment design: Our most special feature is that it is designed for manual adjustment. When you sit down, you can touch the right front gap of our seat cushion with your hand, and we have made a hidden pull rod in it. Adjustment can be adjusted about 90-130 degrees. This is very suitable for those young and old to use.
2.8 o’clock massage + heating: We have massage and heating functions here, they are distributed in the following places: (2 points on the back, 2 points on the back + heating, 2 points on the front seat, 2 points on the feet); Our heating is only heated at the 2 o’clock position under the back, and it can be massaged at the same time. The extra comfort can effectively improve chronic lumbar diseases.
Massage heating remote control: There are five different gear intensity adjustments, which can better allow you to experience the comfort of different parts. It is distributed in the back, lumbar spine, thighs, and calves of your body. Where do you want to massage? You can adjust and order it to massage where.
3. Comfortable, soft, and durable: The backpack armrest bag is filled with high-density native doll cotton. The seat bag is also filled with thickened native cotton + spring bag, which is comfortable and elastic to sit on, ideal for reading, sleeping, office or nap.
4. Side seam storage bag: We have attached a large side seam bag on the right side of the seat cushion, you can put some small items or magazines and books, so you can get it quickly when you need it!
5. Pu rolling strip design: The edge of our sofa adopts brown pu artificial leather rolling strip design, which visually adds a beautiful landscape to your environment, and the European and American minimalist style is constantly presented, luxurious yet elegant.
6. Timing function: We also have a timing function. When you lie down, you can adjust the time you need to massage and heat through the remote control. There are three times in total, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes, which are convenient for you to choose. .
7. Footrest: When you pull the sofa to adjust the angle, the footrest will change the angle with him, which can extend the length of the sofa better.
8. Buy with confidence + easy installation: all installation hardware is included in the package, no additional tools are required. Easy to assemble with detailed installation instructions, detailed instructions to help you install in 15 minutes! If you do not understand, you can consult us. We provide you with useful, timely and friendly customer service. You are welcome to buy our products!
Fabric: Brown wool and linen with brown PU
Color: brown
Material: The backpack armrest bag is filled with native doll cotton. The seat bag is filled with native cotton + spring bag
Internal structure: The wooden frame structure is horizontal slats + multi-layer boards. Pull the S bow spring on the seat frame. Pull the 5 cm rubber band on the back frame.
Overall size: 73*97*102 (cm)
Back Height: 26.38 inches
Seat to Floor: 26.38 inches
Back to ground: 40.16 inches
Extended footrest: 20.08 inches
Overall Length Unfolded: 63.39 inches
Weight: 330 lbs
Carton size: Box A: 76*62*50(cm), Box B: 73*58*50(cm)
Quantity: 1/2 boxes
Country of Origin: China
Package Included:
1*Sofa lounge chair
1*Hand control for massager
1* Massager power cord
1 x Instruction Manual1*sofa

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Weight 38500 g
Dimensions 73 × 97 × 102 cm


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